About Us

Digital Transformation

Secure professional cloud hosting solutions providing businesses with mission critical services.

Ease of Use

Easy sign-up to cloud solutions in real time

High Availability

Assurance of secure & reliable cloud services

Full Accessibility

Access all services in one place in real time

Digital Transformation

Cloud Service Platform with a Competitive Advantage

Go Live

Create & launch your website with ease

Host Like A Pro

Manage your cloud hosting services with a custom dashboard

Scalable Solutions

Volume based subscription models offer cost-efficient services that can easily scale with your business with 1-click scaling

Professional Cloud Services

Solution built on Simplicity

Time-saving processes that provide a fit-for-purpose environment that offers security, accessibility and ease of use.

Save Time With 24/7 Expert Support

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We are committed to your success


The CloudPro Team comprises of specialized professionals to provide you with a secure cloud hosting experience and are on standby to assist with any support related issue, whether it is technical or work-flow related

Business Transformed

Cloud based hosted service for the base of the Digital Transformation process without which no business is able to achieve a high level of availability of its data in real time.  CloudPro’s ability to offer business easy scalability means lower opex costs and maintaining just the services the business requires.

Technology Partners

To maintain the best cloud-based service possible, CloudPro’s configuration ensures a maximum uptime for all its services by ensuring high-level security configuration and the utilization of technology partner that are ‘Best-in-Class’ providers for each of its services.

Mission and Vision copy

Our Mission

Offer easy integration in a constantly evolving digital transformation process.

Our Vision

Seamless onboarding of scalable, cost-efficient, innovative, and resilient Cloud services

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