Video Conferencing and Meetings Made Easy with Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can have real-time conversations with your team using chat, voice, or video, and you can share files and collaborate on documents in real time.

video call


Share your screen, change or blur your background, and use together mode to virtually be in the same space.

phone call


Make and receive calls directly in Teams with advanced features like group calling, voicemail, and call transfers.



Easily find, share, and edit files together in real time with apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.



Share your thoughts and your personality. Send GIFs, stickers, and emojis in one-to-one or group chats.

Real-time Document Collaboration

Your employees can collaborate, co-author and edit documents within the Microsoft Teams application which allows them to seamlessly work on the same documents at the same time as other users within your organisation, making for effective teamwork. Users are able to pin the most important documents within each workspace for quick reference by other Team members.

Microsoft teams 2
Microsoft teams

Meeting and Scheduling Tools

With the seamless integration of Teams and Microsoft Outlook, you can effortlessly schedule meetings using Teams or Outlook inviting individual users or groups. Meetings can be held with members outside of your organisation and they simply join the meeting at the click of a link. Teams syncs with your calendar and pulls in all existing appointments, it also displays suggested times when all the other attendee’s within each dedicated Team are free. The Microsoft Teams application also gives you the option to choose if the meeting is private or anyone can join in.

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