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Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR)


  • Proactive protection: Sophos XDR uses advanced threat detection technologies to identify and prioritize potential threats, helping to prevent attacks before they can do harm.

  • Integrated data sources: Sophos XDR integrates data from a range of sources, including endpoint, network, and cloud data, to provide a more complete view of an organization’s security posture.

  • Expert analysis: Sophos XDR has a team of expert analysts who are trained to identify and respond to potential threats. They work with organizations to help them understand the nature and impact of threats, and to develop strategies for mitigating them.

  • Customized protection: Sophos XDR is designed to be customized to the specific needs of each organization, providing tailored protection against cyber threats.

Built on the World’s Strongest Protection

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Stop Unknown Threats

Deep learning technology is an advanced form of machine learning, detecting malware even when it has never been seen before.

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Don’t Get Held for Ransom

Anti-ransomware protection stops ransomware from encrypting your files and rolls them back to a safe state.

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Block Exploits

Exploit techniques are commonly used to break into organizations. Intercept X uses exploit prevention to stop these dangerous attacks.

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Deny Hackers

Stop real-world hacking techniques used for credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

XDR for All

Detection and response for security experts and IT administrators.

Designed for both security analysts working in dedicated SOC teams and IT administrators covering security and other IT responsibilities, Sophos XDR enables organizations to quickly answer business critical questions and respond remotely.

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